I suck at blogging.  I always have thoughts throughout the day of things like, “Oooh! That would make for a great blog,” or “If I could just sit down for a few minutes..” But, it never happens.  And thus, I am a sucky citizen in Blogland.

I happen to have about 25 minutes (if I’ve calculated correctly) until the little bear that I nanny for wakes here’s to trying getting this out!

Lately, life has been full of sighs. tons of them. And not just for me.  In fact, it seems like everyone I talk to these days is drowning in stress and filling their lungs with huge sighs.  In Collegeworld, it’s crunch time.  The best time. Summer is near, and finals are in the air.  But, knowing that in a few short weeks, or 6 more class days if you’re me, beaches and bathing suits will be filling our days, makes all of the crappy work worth it.

CMB and I often have the discussion of why school is isn’t such a big deal.  See, CMB lost his little giant mind and decided to major in English also known as paperwritingandreadinguntilyoulosevision, and he often has more stress than I could even think about handling.  I decided to major in Elementary Education because most kids think I’m kid, and we seem to relate well with each other.  And *bonus, being an Elementary Education major is like being in pre-schoolcollege, so my stress comes from cutting and pasting and creating fun activities for 8 year olds to partake in. It sounds blissful, but it has its difficulties.

Anyway, we’re often finding things on our little journey that mean so much more than what you learn in a classroom or at a work desk.  Ultimately, God is what fills us and seeing Him at work is what makes us feel satisfied.  I find my value in days spent on a blanket in the park watching families play games and in helping a person who has a serious need.  I find my value in knowing that I’m cared for and loved and in knowing I have a future that will never depend on any person or degree.

So, in my crunch time, or in my hectic cutting and pasting, I need to remember that although it serves some purpose, my happiness is not dependent on the source of that stress.  It’s much harder to remember this in the moment, by the way.

I for one, would like to replace my sighs with Hallelujahs. I’ve been given today, and I know that around every corner something new is waiting, and today’s stress will be gone in most cases when my round head hit’s my jumbo pillow.

So if you’re in a rut, or you’re trudging up StressMountain with a 10 pound sack on your back, remember where your worth comes from, and evaluate how much of yourself you’re giving to things that don’t really matter.  Take a few minutes to do something that does really matter, and thank the One who completes you.  I’m certain that if we did this more in our daily lives, StressMountain would look more like a hill and that 10 pound sack would feel more like 2 pounds.

Here’s to a new outlook and a breath of freshness!




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4 responses to “StressMountain.

  1. You are amazing. Period.

    I needed this today, and I love you immensely.


  2. Marta


    Berta, you are a big deal.
    You made my day as well.

  3. Haha. I most certainly am not. But thank you anyway, Marta-Martin.

  4. Marta

    Oh dear, but you are. ❤

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