This morning, I woke up WAY earlier than I wanted to, and decided to relax a bit before jumping into the craziness that awaits me.  I was making my daily internet rounds, when I stumbled on a heartbreaking story.

Her name is Kate.  She’s 5 year olds. She’s beautiful.  She’s strong. And, she’s battling brain cancer.

Her story starts on a day when an adventurous water park was on the horizon.  Instead, her mom decided to take her to a doctor because Kate was experiencing a tremor in her hand.  After a CT, they were told that the water park would have to wait.  She had a massive tumor in her brain.

Talk about a punch to the gut.

So, she’s undergone countless tests, studies, chemotherapy, surgeries, etc.  She’s even moved to Houston to get further treatment, leaving her father, older sister and younger brother behind.

She recently had a major surgery and was told that she would have to endure radiation, something that is extremely risky, but offers the last hope in the medical side of things.

She starts the treatment tomorrow.

I can’t even imagine what her family must be feeling today, knowing that in a few hours, their life could change, again, forever.

Anyway, after I read a few blog posts on her site, and cried for a bit, I had a revelation.

I’m always talking about the important things in life versus the things we are made to think are important.

In reading some of the posts that Kate’s mom writes, she talks about the things that she never thought were extraordinary, but now realizes that they are treasures and she soaks up every minute of them.

I’m constantly reminded that life shouldn’t be about careers, school, or business opportunities.  There’s nothing wrong with having those things, but they shouldn’t be the main focus in our lives.

Who cares if you make 100k a year, have a doctorate, or own 75 major franchises?

It all means nothing if you don’t have people to share life with or if you don’t have hope in the One who provides it.

Life is constantly throwing us battles, so why waste time building up things that aren’t going to be there for us in the end?

Why not cling to the things that matter?

Won’t life be so much better with love and hope?

Who cares about tumbling economies, or rising gas prices?  At the end of the day, all that counts is the people who go through the suck with you, and who share the times of triumph.

My challenge to you is to hold your kids a little bit closer tonight.  Hug your significant other.  Enjoy your dinner. Take a few deep breaths outside. Notice the things that you thought didn’t really matter.  Soak them up..

And if you want to find out more about Kate, her website is



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