When I was little, Sundays were the worst.  They were the days that meant school was coming. They were the days the meant freedom was over for five days. They were the dyas that meant waking up early was in my near future. And unless you’re CMB, you probably hate waking up early.

But, as the years have passed, Sundays have grown to become my favorite days.  Maybe it’s because I don’t have 5 long days of school every week, or maybe it’s because my first classes never start before 10 AM.  Whatever the reasons, these days, Sundays are the bomb. That’s right, I said the bomb.

CMB and I have this little unspoken tradition that we do almost every Sunday.  We start with lunch.  Usually with family.  And then, because we know that the later part of the day is going to be filled with other things, we sneak away.  We go to our favorite spot and we people watch.  We typically do the same thing every time.  But it never gets old.

Our little spot is a magic little spot.  We watch people do ordinary things and we talk about our crazy weeks and our hopes and dreams.  But every time we go there, I find something new to love.  It’s so nice to see families enjoying each other.  Couples playing with their dogs.  Older people walking around. Artsy people taking pictures. Sportsy people fishing and playing games.  Kids laughing and running around.

It’s all ordinary. They’re just people.

But, when we’re sitting in our little spot, and we’re laughing at all of the stuff we can see, it’s like being refreshed on what matters the most in life.  I always leave with such a peace about life.  I always think about that stupid cliche about life being a journey and whatever.  But, when we can see people from all different walks and going in all different directions, I get so caught up in it.  Maybe it’s just the dreamer in me..

I don’t know, I guess I just love that our spot seems to be this place where life is so 1950s.  And I guess because life isn’t really like that, it’s nice to have that little slice.  It makes me cherish the people and blessings in my life all the more.

Anyway, I’m sure you guys all have “spots.” But if you don’t, go find one.  Take some time and find that place where it’s easy to be still. It’s always worth it.

And CMB, thanks for always dreaming with me. The spot wouldn’t be as magical without you.

Have great Sundays, friends.



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