Gold and Silver.

I was thinking today about how interesting it would be if we could conduct a study of the most spoken words in our community over the last month.  My guess for the gold and silver?  Oil. Spill.

These days, you can’t walk 10 feet without hearing someone say something about the oil spill in the gulf or BP or what Obama is or isn’t doing.  It’s all about court cases, blame games, and boycotts, and frankly–it’s getting old.

Now don’t get me wrong, the devastation that’s happening in our community is horrible, and I’m 100% behind our cleanup efforts and support for the jobless. Our nation is in uproar about oil and political games surrounding it, and I personally think the whole issue has taken a turn toward pointlessness.  Turning on the news you hear “Top Stories” about BP executives and how they should “pay up” or how Obama should have stepped in sooner, and blah blah blah.  I think this disaster could be used for something so great, and we’re missing it completely.

I found an article today about a community across the world who walks in our new shoes daily and has been for years. We’re so quick to complain about our loss and about our suffering, and we don’t even stop to consider how blessed we are.  They are a community who reap none of the benefits of oil, yet reap every imaginable deficit of it. They experience millions of gallons of oil a year, with no technology to stop the leaks.  They don’t have clean up crews, or agencies to help.  They have been left to pick their belongings up out of the tar and try to find new life elsewhere.

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of hearing a cute little old man speak at a church conference.  From first glance, you’d never know he was packing so much God-heat. In his message he talked about how desperation brings revelation.  Without going into too much, he was basically talking about hearing from God the most when you’re flat out desperate.

I’d say that in the last few months, quite a lot of people around here have become desperate.  The man who provides for his family has lost his job and doesn’t know when/if he’ll be able to resume it, the tree hugger is freaking out about all of the animals affected by this, the oil executives are worried about their company and their lawsuits, the government is freaking about money, the local communities are bummed about closed beaches, business owners are scrounging for business, and the list goes on…

I’d say we’re all desperate about this mess.  And as christians, what better time to move?  Instead of pointing our fingers or picking up protest signs, we should be lending a helping hand and finding even more ways to love. I for one would love to turn on the news and hear “Top Stories” about floods of people giving and loving and helping and seeking.

Desperate people are receptive people, but how can they receive if we’re not there giving?

Let’s thank Him for our blessings and remember who we’re called to be..



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