playing the chords in me..

I woke up in an unusual way this morning, and I’ve been in a mood that I haven’t felt in quite a while.  It’s nice.

Ever have days when you feel disconnected with your every day life?  I experience them every so often, and I’ve grown to seriously cherish them.  I love the truth that they bring to light and I love the solitude that they surround me with.  They’re rare and they’re beautiful.

During these days, I usually find myself reading about Uganda and the beautiful gems that it holds, ready to be cultivated.  There’s usually some Brook Fraser music floating around my room, and there are prayers so intimate that I typically can’t find words, so I just bask in the feeling that He knows, and that to truly know someone is to be with them without having to speak. There’s always new inspiration, and growth that feels natural and welcomed.

These days are treasured.

They make nothing else matter, and they make the stillness completely worth while.

I find myself completely in awe of Him as I just sit and reflect on what He’s doing in me and around the world.

It’s days like today that pictures like the one below, bring me tears..

All of those precious bald heads, completely unaware of the happenings across the world.  They’re simply lining up to wash their hands for lunch, blissfully enjoying every moment, and growing with radical faith because their families honestly know what it means to completely rely on Him.

On days like today, my prayer is that I would have faith like that.  That I would never question the insanity that comes bustling through, and that when it comes, I’ll remember to pull out these cherished days and honestly move forward in what they bring.

Here’s to the bliss of today, and the craziness of tomorrow..




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4 responses to “playing the chords in me..

  1. This is so poetically beautiful, love.

    I know I tell you this too much, but your writing is amazing.

    You have a beautiful heart.


  2. Hannah May

    Lindsey…this is really brilliant. You have a depth of insight and wisdom that is beyond your years. Yes, relish those days because that’s where world changers get their inspiration..Quietly behind the scenes. You are a world changer. I especially love your description of being with the Lord without having to speak.

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