Today, I’m thankful for….

a God who meets me every morning.

a God who sings over me.

a God who knows me.

a God who holds me.

a God who surrounds me.

a God who never forsakes.

a God who breaks through walls.

a God who forgives.

a God who pursues.

a God who creates.

a God who takes away.

a God who blesses.

a God who delegates.

a God who is holy.

a God who is patient.

a God who comforts.

a God who loves.

a God who knows our circumstances.

a God who surpasses our circumstances.

a God who says “yes.”

a God who says “no.”

a God who says “obey.”

a God who cheers for the underdog.

a God who overflows with mercy.

a God who knows no bounds.

a God who will always be God.

Here’s a little challenge for this weekend…Let’s focus on who He is rather than what we think we need Him to give us.  Let’s open our eyes and take in what He’s doing in this season.  Let’s lift our eyes above our current circumstances and remember that He’s already made a way for us, and that He’s walking with us.  Let’s embrace His goodness and press in.

Have great weekends, friends.



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