Wedding Shoes.

So, I think my upper respiratory infection is the best thing that has ever happened to this blog.  Apparently, sick days make for better blogging days.

Anyway, I just thought I would share with you guys a little tid bit of exciting news.

After months of hunting around for some cute wedding shoes, I finally found them! They are not what I was originally hunting around for, as they are not heels, nor are they blue, but they are grand. (And just so happen to come from my favorite store with the big red bulls-eye)

Most of you guys know me, and a few of you have the inside scoop about the wedding details, so you know that CMB and I are about as low-maintenance as they come with all of this stuff.  We set a pretty low budget for what has grown into a pretty large wedding, and we’re basically just having fun making decisions along the way.

I’ve honestly not been doing a single thing wedding related in the last month, and being that we only have four months and two weeks until the big day, I suppose I should put my game face back on.

CMB and I have been regularly chatting about ways to cut costs down, while still making our day fun and unique, and to toot our own horns, I think we’ve been doing a pretty good job. We’ve been insanely blessed to have friends and family offer discount or free services, and thanks to our frugal upbringings, we’ve basically spent hours searching for the best bargains. And, surprisingly enough, CMB really does help me with all of this stuff.

*Speaking of bargains, I found my shoes for a grand total of $17.00 (before tax). I’ve never really understood the whole tradition of buying an expensive pair of wedding shoes and then only wearing them once.  Plus, if you wear a long dress, who is even going to see the expensive shoes that you’re only wearing that day? Maybe I’m just not down with wedding world rules, but I’m pretty stinkin’ pumped that I found a pair of shoes that are comfortable, cute, classy, and that I fully intend to wear on the honeymoon and for the rest of the summer!

Anyway, we’re cutting costs in a lot of other areas, and we’re still looking for more ways to cut down on unnecessary spending.

So, how did you guys cut down on costs of your weddings? Did you stay under budget? Wish you would have splurged on something in particular?

I’d love to share your responses with some friends, and of course with CMB. For those of you who message me, feel free to do that for this post as well.

Hope you guys are having a great Wednesday!



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  1. Kristen Stringer

    Instead of a big fancy expensive cake that neither Jeff nor I really care for…we asked some reliable people to bake a couple of our favorite desserts for the reception 🙂

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