Project Two.

Hello friends!

I figured I’d share with you part of my next project.  CMB and I were so blessed to receive a free comfy couch from a wonderful friend of ours.  It fits into our living room quite nicely, but it was looking a little naked.  I shopped around for some durable and fun throw pillows, but I just couldn’t see spending $20 a pillow, which is surprisingly what most stores price their pillows at.  I found a few bargain pillows at some discount stores, but none of them really fit the color scheme that we were looking for and I didn’t want to spend any money on items that I didn’t absolutely love. (Remember, CMB and I are trying to work within a budget for our projects). Anyway, I was feeling crafty one afternoon, and decided to venture over to my favorite craft store to see what I could be inspired to do.  After a few minutes of walking around, I found myself looking at some pretty stinkin’ fun fabrics, thinking of my own fabulous pillows.  I spent almost an hour looking around at different fabrics, trying to find things that “went” together instead “matched.”   After finding two fabrics that I liked well enough to buy (and sending pictures to CMB from mid-aisle to make sure he approved as well) I ventured over to the “stuffing.”  I grabbed a huge bag of white stuffing and headed over to get my fabrics cut.  Keep in mind, I didn’t research a single thing before heading to the store, so this was a huge risk. I had no idea how much fabric I would need, nor did I know if one bag of stuffing would be enough.  I bought 1 yard of each fabric and just one bag of stuffing.  (My wonderful roommate happens to have a sewing machine with needles and thread that she said I could use). I ended up paying $23.21 for my fabrics and stuffing.

Once I got home, I decided to give the whole sewing thing a whirl. (I have basically no experience with sewing.  I always find the cutest projects and ideas, but could never carry them out because I didn’t know the first thing about sewing) Honestly, I was feeling a little intimidated by my grand idea, and I kept telling myself that I had probably just wasted $23 bucks. After a few minutes of fiddling with the sewing machine, my roommate and I deemed it the devil (she doesn’t have a lot of experience with “the beast” either) and I was ready to give up.  My roommate suggested that I try making the pillows by hand, and she even helped me get started.

So, for all of you lovely gals out there who are like me, and follow tons of crafty moms and superstars, but are afraid to give it a try yourself..know this: If I can do it. You can do it. I took tons of pictures of my first little journey with a needle and I’ll try to list out my steps as best as I can.

First, lay your fabric face down on a hard surface.

Use a ruler or a straight edge to measure out two identical squares (or whatever shape you want).  I chose to do two 16 inch squares.  I used a pencil to edge out my shape and it was perfect (no show through worries).

After you’ve drawn out your shapes, grab your scissors and start cutting.

After you’ve cut out your pieces of fabric, lay them on top of each other with the outsides (the pretty part) facing each other. The insides of the pillow should be facing the outside at this stage.

If you’re an amateur like myself, you’ll want to use some straight pins to line all the edges up so that you don’t wind up stitching all over the place.

Here’s a close up of the pins..

After you’ve lined up your pins, it’s time to start stitching.  Thread your needle (pull a piece of thread through the opening at the end of your needle and then knot it off at the end of your piece of thread) Start stitching about 2 inches from the edge of your fabric on each side.

(It might be hard to see the stitches in the picture because they are white, but I wanted to use a thread color that wouldn’t show through when I flipped the pillow inside out)

After you have stitched three sides, pull your straight pins out and flip the fabric right side out.  You should be left with the pretty side facing out and the two pieces of fabric should be sewn together on three sides.  Start stuffing your pillow, but make sure to leave room at the top so that you can sew up the last side.

Now that you’ve stuffed your pillow, fold down each edge of your remaining side.  Use straight pins to hold the folds. (This will help your last side blend in with the other three sides).

Now you’re ready to sew up the last side.  Stitch the two folded edges together just as you did to the other three sides. Remember to take your straight pins out a long the way so that you don’t get a mysterious poke when you lay on them! 🙂

When you have finished stitching the last side, cut off your excess thread and knot it off.  Then throw it on your couch or bed or wherever and enjoy! 🙂

Just a few side notes:

I left off a few things about stitching (such as exactly how to thread your needle, what to do if you run out of thread and need to rethread your needle and begin again, etc.) I would suggest looking up a tutorial on youtube or google, or even asking someone you know.

I haven’t finished all of the pillows yet, but I followed the same steps for each one.  For those of you on a budget, I paid $23.21 and had enough fabric for 4 pillows. That’s about $5.80 per pillow! Take that stinky stores!!

And you might be questioning why I chose that fabric pattern being that it doesn’t seem to really “go” with our couch.  I picked this fabric because it fits with the color scheme that we are planning on using in our living room, and that nice and comfy copper colored couch is going to be getting a lovely khaki or gray covering as soon as some more money finds its way into my bank account! 🙂

Here’s to feeling braver about conquering crafty fears. 😉



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  1. Molly

    That sewing machine is DEFINITELY the devil.

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