Give me faith.

Most of you know that this season has been one of constant demands for me.  The last few days, I’ve honestly felt like I couldn’t didn’t want to keep carrying as much as I am, and to be honest, I’ve felt like letting “the ball drop” in some areas that in any other season, I would seriously cherish.  I’ve really got nothing to complain about, and even though the demands seem to never let up, I have enjoyed this time and all of the challenges that have come with it.  The last few weeks have held a lot of internal searching, and this last week, in particular, has held a few course changing decisions.  The enemy has been ramming CMB and I nonstop with doubt and fear, and I’m sorry to say that the last few days and hours, I’ve felt like I’ve given in to that attack.

But, no more giving in.  Here’s to standing against the fear and the doubt.

This song has been on repeat in my head for the last few days…

“I may be weak. Your Spirit’s strong in me. My flesh may fail. But, my God, You never will.

So thankful to serve a God who never fails.



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