Go to a Summer Olympic Games

Go to a Winter Olympic Games

Go to Uganda

Go to Australia

Cross The Magdeburg Bridge in Germany by boat

Ride in The Chunnel

Go to a John Mayer concert (I know it’s pathetic..I just like him, okay 🙂) Labor Day 2010.

Meet and hug my Compassion kid, Luwedde

Walk across the Syndey Harbor Bridge

Roam around Seattle Honeymoon.

Sit in the front row behind home plate at Turner Field

Drive a Prius

Hear and meet Aaron Espe, the best song-writer in the world (excluding CMB, of course)

Throw a fish at the Fish Market in Seattle

East lunch at a restaurant in Harrods in London

Make something using a potter wheel

Go to a porn show with XXX Church and CMB

Have a picnic in Central Park

Go on a cruise

Go to a Hillsong Conference

See the Great Wall of China

Touch the Green Giant at Fenway Park

Ride an elephant (is that possible?)

Go on a real safari

Have awesome seats at a Coldplay concert


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